Increasing compatibility between master’s programmes provided by faculties of Psychology and identified (public / private) labor market needs  in our country, by defining sectoral qualification of psychologists and learning descriptors



SO 1: Defining qualification of psychologists and identifying sectoral learning descriptors (a minimum of 5 descriptors);

SO 2: Coming up with a minimum of 6 assessment indicators and 6 benchmark indexes for the provision and management of master’s programmes in psychology;

SO 3: Assessing and improving the curriculum for 10 already existing master’s programmes in faculties of Psychology included in the project;

SO 4: Creating 3 new, interdisciplinary master’s programmes in the faculties of Psychology involved in the project;

SO 5: Creating an online inter-university consortium of the faculties of Psychology involved in the project;

SO 6: Professional training of 80 professors involved in the development of master’s programmes, and 20 members of quality assurance committees in faculties of Psychology.